Meta Veteran shares insight on the future of Discovery Feed !

Lately, many of us have discussed and debated the rise and fall of Big Tech behemoths. With recommendation or discovery engines being the most talked about product in big tech, much has been written on the topic.
I recently stumbled upon a particularly intersting interview piece of a Meta veteran, where he talks about changes in their most popular product — Feed.

Sharing some snippets from the interview:

1. “See more, See less” — A new product feature in feed to capture feedback. Applies for next 30–60 days, as a direct response from users on the kind of content they want . Accessible from feed preferences.

2. For now, “See more, see less” is around the author and not topic. Newer signals up for future consideration. Eg — You want to see more from X , not more of the topic X posted about

3. Is having content from people you’ve never met a deviation from FB’s original philosophy? FB is trying to expand from “People you already know” to “People you might want to know”

4. There’s a difference between “People you may Know” Vs “Should Know” product . Latter is around suggestions exploring more of the interests , especially of young adults.
Eg — Content from famous painting creators shown to folks who like painting

5. Tackling young demography preference of TikTok over FB — Increased focus on Reels and ease of use of stories and messaging. Merit in content inspirations turning conversation starters with friends via messaging

6. Future plans on stories — Integration with product feed, with reels already being there.

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